Category: children books

  • Potty-puppy


    Potty puppy is a children illustation book by G N. It’s the history of a little dog who wants to do every thing as its two huma sibblings Theo and Lisa. Potty puppy is only available in french.

  • Mambo the baby Whale

    The book of Mambo: Mambo the baby whale is a talented musician and beloved member of the ocean community. When a big race to determine the best swimmer in the sea is announced, Mambo is excited to cheer on his friends and play percussion in the band for the musical entertainment. As the race begins,…

  • Seek and find at soap box race

    When siblings Alex and Emma attend their town’s annual soap box race, they’re expecting an exciting day of watching the high-speed races and cheering on their favorite cars. But when they arrive, they find that things are not as they seem. As they wander through the crowds, Alex and Emma stumble upon a mysterious clue…