Soap box car in Oregon

A soapbox car, also known as a gravity racer, is a small, non-motorized vehicle that is usually made from a wooden crate or a box, and is designed to be powered only by gravity. Soapbox cars are typically used for racing, with participants competing against each other in downhill races.

Soapbox cars are usually built by hand, with wheels, brakes, steering mechanisms, and other components added to the basic box or crate structure. They are often decorated with paint or other materials to make them look more interesting or to represent a particular theme or design.

The Salem soap box car was a very well kown race in Salem in Oregon (btw if you want to visit Oregon you will see amazing sites)

Soapbox car racing is a popular activity in many parts of the world, and there are even organized soapbox racing events and competitions held in some areas. These events can be a lot of fun for both participants and spectators, and they often attract a lot of attention and interest from the community.

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there are many books that feature soapbox cars among them:

  • “The Soapbox Derby” by Mark Dubowski – This book tells the story of the history of the soapbox derby and features photos and illustrations of soapbox cars from past and present.
  • “The Little Red Racing Car” by Dwight Knowlton – This children’s book tells the story of a boy who builds a soapbox car and races it in a local derby. It also includes instructions on how to build your own soapbox car.
  • “Downhill Derby: A Lesson in Gravity” by Michael Dahl – This educational book teaches children about the science of gravity through the story of a group of kids who build and race soapbox cars.
  • “Gravity Racing: The Science of Soap Box Derby” by Stephen G. George – This book is a comprehensive guide to the science and engineering behind soapbox cars and includes detailed information on how to design and build your own soapbox car.
  • “Red Thunder” by John Varley – This science fiction novel features a soapbox derby as a central plot point, with the main character entering the race in a high-tech, futuristic soapbox car.