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All American Soap Box Derby

All American
Soap Box Derby


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Salem's Legacy of Champions

Since our innaugural race in 1952 thousands of kids have raced on the Salem hill for the honor of being named a Champion. Below is a complete listing of our Champs. Way to go racers!

All American Soap Box Derby Race (local race) Champs

All American Rally Champs

All American Soap Box Derby Race (Akron) results

All American Rally Race (Akron) results

Best in the West Champs

NDR National Championships results


All-American Soap Box Derby Race (local race) Champs


Year Stock Car SuperStock  Masters Super Kids
2015 Ileiza Barnes Kallan Wehrmeister   Katie Stinson
2014 Danielle Fuller Haley Lawhorn    
2013 Kallan Wehrmeister Jarritt Youngers Tucker McClaran (unofficial race) Dylan Anderson
2012 Mikayla Sadler Emma Lawson Brittnea Lawhorn
2011 Maj Wehrmeister Cullen Tucker Ariel Gear  
2010 Aubrey McClaran Tucker McClaran Ryan Wixson  
 2009 Cullen Tucker Edward Hodge Ashley Porter  
 2008 Tucker McClaran Maddison Stapleton Bobbie Eagle  
 2007 Amy Requa Morgan Anderson Ryan Fauser  
 2006 Chad Menor Nathan McCaw Morgan Anderson  
 2005 Adam McCaw Ashley Porter Melanie Gibson  
 2004 Michael Nash Kimberly Eggleston Jeri-Beth Watson  
 2003 Trenton Hargrove Patrick Reinhart Kimberly Eggleston  
 2002 Ashley Porter Jase Adams Patrick Reinhart  
 2001 Kimberly Eggleston Maegan Lamb Angus Thornton  
 2000 Jeri Beth Watson Hailey Simpson Dolline Vance  
1999 Shane Dolan Alisha Ebner Bryann "Annie" Robinson  
1998 Hailey Simpson Janelle Brandt Katelynn Bell  
1997 Janelle Brandt Dolline Vance Jessi Russell  
1996 Shaun Paschke Lyndsi Jones Jenny Foster  
1995 Katelynn Bell Holly Kirkpatrick Jennifer Bell  
  Stock Car Kit Car Masters  
1994 Christa Ebner Trevor Brandt Christian Otjen  
1993 Christian Otjen Jonathan Morse Jamie Voss  
1992 Holly Kirkpatrick Carolyn Fox Jennifer Morse  

Kit Car (Junior)

Masters (Senior)

1991 Tyson Bafford Amanda Cunningham  
1991 "Wild Card Champion" Jenny Foster    
1990 Ryan Van Hess Sami Jones  
1989 Adriane Tibbits Charlie Foster  
1988 Amanda Cunningham Korin Kaylor  
1987 Ronnie Laughlin Chris Wade  
1986 Mike "MJ" Speten Jon Walker  
1985 Chris Phillips Vanessa Strode  
1984 James Skyberg Jason Skyberg  
1983 Jamie McNall Jennifer Neel  
1982 Jennifer Neel Rebecca Watson  
1981 Dan Vess Scott Robertson  
1980 Steve Adelman Darren Hart  
1979 David Heim Andy McNall  
1978 Darren Hart Jeff Donaldson  
1977 Mike Adelman Robie Mossbrucker  
1976 Tom Parent Randy Penrose  

Masters Division

1975 Frank Watson
1974 David Gibson
1973 Keith Stoller
1972 Matt Brown
1971 Dale Brainard
1970 Dennis Brainard
1969 Floyd Frick
1968 Robert "Bo" Loder
1967 Steve Brandt
1966 Rick Hatteburg
1965 Ron Fredrickson
1964 Steve Mallicoat
1963 Darrell Bishop
1962 Dick Hunegar
1961 Delbert Smith
1960 Don Forbes
1959 Bob Cummins
1958 Bob Hague
1957 Tim Bartel
1956 Kent Lindon
1955 Howard Stensland
1954 Dan Adams
1953 David Bell
1952 Doug Adams
All American Rally Champs


Year Stock Car SuperStock  Masters
2013 Aubrey McClaran, Mikayla Sadler, Haley Lawhorn Brittnea Lawhorn  
2012     Jarritt Youngers

Tajha Goodwin - Lowell

Aubrey McClaran

Tucker McClaran

Jarritt Youngers

Jared Sjolin


Jarritt Youngers

Cullen Tucker

2009 Tucker McClaran   Kirsten Fauser
Cameron Reinhart
2008 Amy Requa Austin Requa Ashley Porter
Zaine Stapleton
Ryan Fauser
2007 Chad Menor
Kaylin Strode-Johnson
Ian Lamb
Nathan McCaw
Adam McCaw
Austin Requa
Alicia Porter
2006 Adam McCaw Ryan Fauser
Sara Simpson
Ashley Porter
Alicia Porter
2005 Austin Requa
Morgan Anderson
William Sarchet
Sally Ann Moyer
Alicia Porter
Ryan Fauser
Katie Gibson
Jeri-Beth Watson
2004 Nathan McCaw
Ian Lamb
Ashley Porter
Melanie Gibson
Drew Adams
Patrick Reinhart
2003 Ashley Porter
Alicia Porter
Jase Adams  
2002 Brittney Houser
Johnny Watson
Kimberly Eggleston  
2001 Mike Nash
Rosie Henderson
Dolline Vance
Jeri Beth Watson
Jeremy Eggleston
2000 Tim "TJ" Strode-Johnson
Qayla Porter
Jeremy Eggleston
Maegan Lamb
Daniel Reinhart
1999 Kimberly Eggleston Janelle Brandt  
1998 Jeri Beth Watson Alisha Ebner  
All American Soap Box Derby Race (Akron) results


Year Stock Car SuperStock  Masters

Tucker McClaran - Ultimate Speed - 2nd Place World! plus

2nd Place - Ultimate Speed Rally Challenege


Tucker McClaran

World Champion!

2008   Maddison Stapleton - 2nd Place World!  
2006     Morgan Anderson - 5th place World!
2003   Patrick Reinhart -6th Place World!  
2002 Ashley Porter -2nd Place World!   Patrick Reinhart-4th Place World!
1999   Alisha Ebner
World Champion!
1998 Hailey Simpson
World Champion!
Janelle Brandt
-7th Place
1997   Dolline Vance
World Champion!
1995   Holly Kirkpatrick
- 2nd Place
Jennifer Bell
- 4th Place
1994 Christa Ebner
-2nd Place
  Kit Car Masters
1992 Carolyn Fox
World Champion!
1991 Tyson Bafford
-5th Place
1990 Ryan Van Hess
-4th Place
Sami Jones
World Champion!

Junior Division

Senior Division
1987   Chris Wade
- 2nd Place
1985 Chris Phillips
- 8th Place
1984   Jason Skyberg
- 6th Place
1982   Rebecca Watson
- 6th Place
1981   Scott Robertson
- 6th Place
1978 Darren Hart
World Champion!
1976   Randy Penrose
- 8th Place

Frank Watson
- 2nd Place

All American Rally Race (Akron) results


Year Stock Car SuperStock  Masters

Tajha Goodwin - Lowell

7th Place

2009 Tucker McClaran
- 8th place
  Kirsten Fauser
- 2nd place
Cameron Reinhart
- 4th place
2004 Nathan McCaw
World Champion!
2001   >Dolline Vance
- 3rd Place
Best in the West Champs


Year Stock Car SuperStock  Flat Bottom Masters Glass Wrapped Masters
2008 Amy Requa
Tommy Walters
Maddie Quinn Ashley Porter Cameron Reinhart
Olivia Lobertini
2007 Chad Menor Nathan McCaw
Maddie Quinn
Alicia Porter Ashley Thornton
2006 Maddison Hess Sally Thornton Austin Requa Olivia Lobertini
2005 Chad Menor Sally Ann Moyer Jake Ellis
2004 Michael Nash Kim James Patrick Reinhart
2003 Michael Nash Jase Adams Kimberly Eggleston
2002 Ashley Porter Jennie Smith Angus Thornton
2001 Amanda Eagle Jennifer Biagini Angus Thornton
2000 Jennie Smith Alisha Ebner Patrick Reinhart
1999 Shane Dolan Janelle Brandt Stuart Patterson
1998 Hailey Simpson  Janelle Brandt Steven Kanomata
NDR National Championships results


Year Stock Car SuperStock  Masters
2011   11. Tucker McClaran  
2005     2. Katie Gibson
6. Melanie Gibson
2004     3. Jeri-Beth Watson
2003   10. Christine Boone  
2002 5. Ashley Porter
7. Alicia Porter
4. Jase Adams
5. Meagan Lamb
7. Jeri Beth Watson
6. Patrick Reinhart
8. Jeremy Eggleston
2001 6. Ian Lamb
8. Nathan McCaw
9. Kimberly Eggleston
10. Ariel Strode-Johnson
11. Nicole Crane
12. Noah Keys
2. Dolline Vance
8. Josh Brown
9. Meagan Lamb
10. Johnna Henderson
1. Patrick Reinhart
2. Jeremy Eggleston
2000 11. Jeri Beth Watson 4. Alisha Ebner
10. Christa Ebner
8. Daniel Reinhart


For additional photos of Salem Champions -
Please check our History Page